Recent Testimonials

September 17, 2015

From Joan H.

Hi Jean,

 I am so grateful! I asked you to look at my astrology chart to determine when I should have my house on the market. Knowing the time frame for the possible date of sale pushed me to ensure my house was on the market before then. 

My house sold the day before the date you gave me within 24 hours! after being on the market for 10 days.

Thank you so much Jean!


if you probe the mysteries of the universe, and shake heaven,

you will get answers.


 "33 Years of experience has proven to me that astrology is a valid tool with vast potential for helping you deal with your life, find success while overcoming obstacles so you  get further along with all that you are"

 Jean Hart is no stranger to the Radio Broadcasting world. With over 28 years  in television, radio and the newspaper entertainment industry, she has racked up quite a lot of “air time”  Click media tab for more!  

Jean is an internationally known consultant in Astrology, having charted thousands of situations, using math only, calculating the time, date and place of anyone or anything.  

 Jean conducts seminars, practices private consultations, business consultation, even stock market predicting including those illusive penny stocks.  She also does online classes.

Jean is a dedicated mystic, with 34 years study of metaphysical and spiritual subject matter, as well as studies in alchemy.  Jean has participated in countless sabbatical retreats to study the deeper mysteries of life, retreating and fasting and praying in the mountains of Montana, for reasons of pursuing enlightenment, while trying to understand the human condition via Reincarnation and Karma.

Jean is also a comedian, in all seriousness.  Jean brings this unique perspective to her astrology readings and is determined to take all on that trek upward with her.” The higher you go the more beautiful the view and the easier it is to laugh.”

Presently she is the Radio Host of The Trek Upward Radio Show,  give a listen at 

Jean wants to take everyone up the mountain of consciousness, to a higher place that opens the door to the secret chamber in the heart.   She hopes to give predictions and solutions to personal and world problems and to expose the truth of any given news worthy story or condition by star gazing into the time, date and place of any incident on this planet, past present and future and find the humor.  The hope is to help all to stand face and conquer the suffering in the human condition that goes on and on, and to ignite the mind with lots of comedy and fact. Most importantly  Jean will  raise the bar of radio entertainment to a  higher level of consciousness!” With her humor, heart and credentials, she is fully capable of that!

Astrologer Jean Hart 

Hey Jean,

  Regarding the sale of my rental home. It had been on the market for over 3 months with no result. We had a couple of contracts that feel thru. I was getting discouraged. I had a contract on the house it was supposed to close on 9/25/2015. Your response was" it probably won't and if it does it will require a lot of work and it won't happen til the end of the month. or the 1st day of next month". Truer words were never spoken. These were inspection issues that had to be resolved. The contract had to be resigned 3 times for various reasons. The contractor completed last minute work too late to get the house inspected to make the 9/25 close. Lastly the buyer had to go out of town for business reasons. The sale did finally close 9/30/2015. What can I say, you told me!


Dear Jean,

 We talked on Oct 1, 2015 and I told you my boyfriend had been unemployed for eight weeks and had a positive interview. Your reply was he will get an offer for a job and probably two offers and he did, 2 job offers the same day.