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The Jean Hart  Astrology website provides audio shows, fun information on the future, astrological chart insight and a place to book astrology readings with me. If you leave your email address and send me your time date and place of birth I will give you a free chart.  Check out my services page, and book with me any of your needs in astrology horoscopes,  and numerology, and lets look at your astrology birth chart together so you can  find answers about everything you face and even your mission in life! I teach classes too. Astrology is a compass for you and roadmap.No accidents in life just free will choices all day long!

Hippocrates said "A man cannot call himself a physican unless he knows the astrology of the patient" How many people ask the doc if he checked the astrology chart before making his diagnosis?

Pythagoras loved numbers and so do I. He developed numerology. Kuthumi is the same soul as Pythagoras. Astrology is the study of the energy released from planets into  your world of experience. "Understanding Yourself" is a book Kuthumi wrote. He said know where your moon is and you will understand your moods. (or something like that.) And I say walk on the water of your moods as the moon pulls on the tide of your world and and get self master by an objective look at the moons influence as it moves every few hours and is the only luminary that travels around the earth. All the other planets travel around the Sun.

You are  made up of 75% water so you have the moon  pulling on your tides all day influencing your emotional experiences. Chart your course and you will know when the high tide hits and make some cool decisions instead of having struggle and the sense of struggle.  Look at the mysteries deep in your life, your  karma, and all things profound. Get objective answers for everything. It will make you sane in a crazy world.

"I AM" unique in my field.  The most precision accurate information for you and those in your life!
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