$20 per month

Need help? Want a quickie talk? Join this club and you can call me anytime. Be on the Elite List that can catch me with no appointment for a talk.We will cover any issues you need information about. Timing is everything

Included in this club
a dropbox of information recorded just for you about your life in the now and whats ahead for you in the stars..
once a month ! Prophecies dropboxed to you with information on what is happening in the stars for the planet especially in America. and reports emailed to you on everything you can expect to make choices on in your life

Your personal forecast, moon cycles, tide charts and explanation of what you can expect for your month ahead. Plan meetings, dates, conversations, important experiences in your life. Knowing your cycles gives you command of the situations you face with others. You will love this club! All orders for any session you buy from me will be half price as a club member. Amazing savings for you.  

1st benefit: you will get your own personalized horoscope for the month. No newspaper can do this! I use your unique time date and place of birth to calculate this information. A helpful monthly road map!

2nd benefit: you get your moon cycles or moods for the week. You will receive a detailed report of Mercury Retrogrades and how that influences your life. I will tell you when your personal tide comes in and goes out.

3rd benefit: I will send you out spiritual, political, planetary and personal astrology when I see it so you will be the first to hear about what is happening. With an inspiring quote for the month.

Try the club for a month and see for yourself.  406-599-3934 text me questions.


Full Year Elite Club Membership (2 months FREE) $350

$35 per month

Astrologer Jean Hart