Astrologer Jean Hart 

Here is one great tool  to clean up your negative astrology and make it in life.

  • Traveling Protection (

You want help?

Call Archangel Michael.

This chant or decree will do it! Say it over and over, 

See him all around you and those you want to protect .

You have to ask him!

This is an Eastern Chant to Kuan Yin. This statue of her is in the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City Mo. 1100 years old brought over from China. The Statue is magnificent to see in person. Worth a trip to KC.  Say this chant to her over and over until you feel her blessing and presence. Her Amazing grace.

Say this mantra out-loud!  Do this meditation to help you to "Not" say things wrong as you go through your day.  Be free from saying gossip or dark words. This chant will encourage you in the right use of your free will choice of words. Compassionate love and truth will come out easier through the sounds that come out of your mouth. This chant helps to weed out your negative thoughts that try to filter down to your throat and come out in things you say. Also if you smoke, and want to quit, this chant done daily will help you do the job. Give with devotion and love and the visual of seeing yourself put that cigarette down or see Kuan Yin gently taking the habit from you.  See yourself just walk away and don't look back, its hard to do, but this prayer to Kuan Yin can get you the blessing and grace you need to help you stop..

  1. Here is more Information on Violet Flame. It is the highest frequency and vibration of light on the physical spectrum of light. They use it in laser surgery. You have heard of Ultra Violet light. Well it does even more to you then you can imagine. This sound track  is a Beautiful Meditation on Violet Flame. Say it every day as many time as possible and see your whole world heal and glow, radiate and grow, in wisdom and peace. It’s a cosmic eraser and amazing elixir of light. Visualize a sunshine of violet flame everywhere, as you say it. The more you visualize the sunshine of violet which actually comes through the rays of the sunshine. Look at the sun for a second, no longer as you could hurt your eyes, but close your eyes after you glance at the sun and you will see that frequency of energy in the color of violet. It the highest frequency of light you get on earth in physical matter. It cleans you up, purifies you, makes you innocent again, so you can tap into those inner senses that will take you face to face to your God.

However, you perceive your God doesn’t matter to me. To me religion means realigning yourself to the Good as you let your God come live in you. Actions words and deeds get cleaned up with prayer. Even past life history gets cleaned up when you use  mantras, chants to the Violet Flame.Of course there are many forms of prayer this is just amazing to work with. Do it for the planet and all people everywhere.  This Violet flame will bring you to All that God meant you to be inside you.  All Prayer helps you attain self-mastery when given in sincerity and pure motive. Which is the main reason you are on this school room earth. To become the master instead of the victim of all sin disease and death. Be an overcomer, a hero, a saint and an example of truth as the violet flame will help you forgive yourself and others, It will erase all records of hate and hate creation, anti-truth, anti-Christ guilt’s, fears and all things not of the light. It’s the coolest flame ever. Take a bath in the light of the Violet Flame and feel the electrical love it will produce in you, for not only self but all life that is GOD. Be a scientist in your own body laboratory or temple. I challenge you to experiment for 6 months with this meditation and see if you life hasn't started to change to a point of success and your heart has grown more in love.The more you do it each day the more you erase negativity in your world,  Violet Flame can give you the power to be happy!

Lord Michael before.

Lord Michael behind.

Lord Michael to the right.

Lord Michael to the left.

Lord Michael above.

Lord Michael below

Lord Michael

Lord Michael,

where ever I go.

I am his love protecting here.

I am his love protecting here.

I am his love protecting here.

Say the words out loud below with concentration, visualize clearly and use your love to drive you there in consciousness and you will feel a violet violin of electric love come upon you and play in your body. Do not stop until you feel it and have become one with this presence of God in you. Then you won’t want to stop!

Come Violet Flame Come Violet Flame Now Blaze and Blaze and Blaze

Come Violet Come Violet Flame To Raise and Raise and Raise.

The earth and all thereon The earth and all thereon The earth and all thereon

Come Violet flame Come Violet flame Now Raise and Raise and Raise

Come violet flame’Come Violet Flame To blaze and blaze and blaze

The Plants and Elemental Creatures The Plants and Elemental Creatures The Plants and Elemental Creatures

I AM a being of Violet Fire, I AM the purity God desires

IAM that IAM (say 3 times)

Light, Set me Free (say 3 times)

Light I AM (Say 2 times)


Light, Command,  Light Command Light, Command Command Command

Light Demand, Light Demand Light Demand Demand Demand

Light Expand, Light Expand Light Expand Expand, Expand

Light IAM, Light IAM, Light IAM, IAM, IAM

Light Set me free Light Set me free

I AM a being of Violet Fire I AM the purity God Desires

I AM that I AM (say 4 times)

Here and now I take my vow To be thyself

Oh be thyself as God in me, I see thyself as God in Me

I flame to Keep, A flame to Know

This is the light That I would know

I AM that I AM

Oh God, I AM that I AM (Say 3 times)

Violet Flame come forth Violet flame come forth

I command I AM I AM

Seal me now in Violet Flame

St.Germain  Seal me now in Violet Flame

Fiery Purple heart of St. Germain

Command all life free Set the Captives Free, Set the Captives Free, Set the Captives Free

Now and for Eternity, God Victory

Faith, Hope and Charity, Come forth.

Threefold light within my heart, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Speak thy word I would hear it.


God I AM (Say 2 times)

God I am Free, I am Free Oh God

Come and be in me thyself, Thyself in God in love

I AM thy life, thy truth, thy way

Lord of Life I would be the fullness of thyself in form

And formlessness

Blaze thy Violet Flame thru me

Freedom Flame Freedom Flame I would be, I would see to

Set the Captives Free Set the Captives Free Set the Captives Free, Oh God

Expand, Expand throughout the Earth

Expand throughout the Land

Expand throughout the Galaxies


Blaze and Sweep and Burn Consume the Cause and Core

Make Darkness into Light

Flame of Holy Spirit, Enter now my temple

Sacred fire burn and blaze Sacred fire burn and blaze.

Consume, Consume the cause and core

In every Plane of being

Let darkness be all light (say 3 times)

In the name of the Christ, In the name of the IAM that IAM

I call it forth

And I except it done this hour in full power

IAM that IAM (say 2 times)

Aum, Aum, Aum

Light I AM Free Light IAM free, Light I am free

Joy Expand, Joy Expand, To every heart, to every heart

Joy Expand, IAM in every heart the Violet Flame

I move in thee, I live in thee, I am free in thee

Everywhere now and for eternity

I AM the Violet Flame

I AM a being of Violet fire, I AM the purity God desires

It is done, it is finished, it is sealed, I am healed

It is done, it is finished, it is sealed, I am healed

I AM Whole, I AM One, I Am Love

Alpha and Omega, Alpha
and Omega.

  • Kuan Yin Throat Mantra2:19

  • vf meditation5:01