Three Classes For $99

I will teach you how to chart your course and make a successful business out of my online astrology classes. You can make  a good living as a professional astrologer. I know you will love this subject as I do. Profound, enlightening and fun! 

Ones own favorite subject in life is self. Know thyself and what you face in life and help others do the same. I will show you how in this in-depth online study of the stars, course. I will record classes you take for your review.

Knowledge gives you power to choose " to be or not to be " and that is the question! Timing is everything. Learn what time it is for you as you journey up the road of life  to the Great Central Sun of Being. Astrology brings objectivity during those times you need answers.

Approximately 144 (1/2 hour classes to Certification. Learn at your own speed. Private and group classes Payment plans available. Lets talk about it.

We can Skype, or GoToMeeting, Phone, or in person, when you are in my town. All will be recorded for your review. Feel free to take any unit as many times as needed. Ongoing private online classes are always available on each unit. Or you can join a group class for special classes.

Email me at for more information or text me.

Join my classes today. You will love it. I can't wait to teach you how to read Astrology charts.

Astrologer Jean Hart 


Jean Hart School of Astrology