Career Report

What is the thing you are best at. What could make you the most successful. A report designed with you in mind. Don't struggle anymore with wondering what you should be doing for a job or career. This report says it all.


Astrologer Jean Hart 


You will love this. This report will give you the clues you need for who you are and what traits you were born with. Fun and enlightning to read. I am going to price all reports at a price that will be easy for you. 25-30 pages of powerful information all about you.


                    Relocation Chart

Thinking of moving? In one place you do well, in another maybe not! Check out the facts  before you make the decision. Information based on math. Your time date and place of birth.This is objective and clear report that helps you make no mistakes.


These reports will be e-mailed to you for you to save printout and study. Please leave your birth time, date and place of birth on my "contact page". or email me with your data at

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I can take your card over the phone and tell you about the other reports I have that do not  appear here yet.

               Relationship Report

This report will give you the insight you need for Any kind of relationship. This report will help you make a decision in respect to the ability for a relationship between two people to work or not. Is it love, can you work together, In considering a date, should you bother to meet this person? Are they truthful with you?Are they dangerous?  Friends? Lovers? What  you want to know about someone else will be told in this report as this other person relates to you. All I need is birthday, year and if you have the time and place  even better.

Buy one get another free. So two relationships!


Impacting Numerology Report.

The best ever. Includes your future trends all the way through the year. Amazingly profound and so many key points to your identity and direction. Your compass for the road you walk in life. Numerology was developed by Pytthagoras, great math mind. Numbers are important and tell the whole story.